Let's tell your story

Hi, my name is Penny, and I write personalized content based on your story and your target market! I specialize in blogging for wedding pros, with a focus on telling the story of the wedding day through the lens of a vendor.

So what's my story?

It all started when I was a young nerd

Oh man, we’re really starting at the beginning, huh? Well, to explain what I do today, I have to tell you how it began: with a young, quiet, nerdy girl in California.

I have always loved reading and writing; English was always my best subject. I even won some awards and honors in high school for writing! But alas, I thought to myself, it’d be really hard to make a living as a writer. So when it came to choosing what to study in college, I went with the most reliable income possible – a degree in acting!

I ran away and joined a cruise ship

After earning my degree in Drama (with honors) from New York University, I found myself a bit lost as far as the whole “life” thing goes. While I loved theatre, I realized quickly that the constant rejection and focus on appearance that permeated the life of an actor was not the healthiest way of life for me.

Craving something new and different, I applied to work on a cruise ship. I did one contract as a host for entertainment like trivia and game shows. It was a lot of work, a lot of fun, and a lot of not sleeping.

Mountains and science and bears, oh my!

Following this, my boyfriend and I decided to continue doing seasonal work. We started at a resort in the mountains of California, then worked at an outdoor science school for children, and finally ended up in Alaska, giving tours of black bear habitat. You know, the normal progression.

After two years of living out of suitcases, we decided to take a break and settle down somewhere for a bit. We chose Orlando, and off we went!

Here comes the blogger

This story ends where it begins for you: with me, in Orlando, meeting a couple fabulous wedding planners, and them taking a chance on me! I spent the last year working for a wedding planning company, assisting on the day-of, doing some admin work, and most of all, writing 1-2 blogs a week.

After over a year of writing & social media experience, as well as learning a lot about the wedding industry, I am confident in my ability to create content for more clients in this space. Along the way, I’ve taken on a few more, which you can check out in my Past Work section.

If you’re ready, use the link below to check out my packages, so we can start telling your story together!