7 Top Wedding Blogs to Submit To (+ Guidelines)

If you’re on the search for wedding blogs to submit to, you are in the right place! You’re probably a wedding photographer, a wedding planner, or another type of wedding vendor that’s looking to be featured in one of your favorite publications. And you are absolutely in the right mindset – being featured in a wedding blog like the ones below can be a huge boost for business!

So what’s so special about getting featured in a wedding blog? Well, let’s talk a little bit about SEO, or search engine optimization. Consider SEO the recipe that makes Google want to put your website on the front page when potential clients search for your keywords. One of the most important ingredients of that SEO recipe is backlinks – links to your website from other websites.

Now, all backlinks are not built the same. You’ll want backlinks from websites in the same niche as you (weddings) and with a high ranking within Google. Basically, a backlink from your friend’s blog about cooking, while kind, is not as useful as a backlink from The Knot.

But you’re lucky: you work in an industry where we all love to share each other’s work! There are countless publications that feature weddings, both nationally and locally. I’ll leave the local finds to you; this list is all about the bigger, more broad websites that feature weddings. These are the ones that you should save your best work for, because a feature on here is going to be great for business – and for your SEO!

Just a note – you’ll notice that a lot of these websites require exclusivity. This comes with the territory; while a smaller blog wouldn’t mind if your wedding has been featured elsewhere, one of these big publications wants to have exclusive content. So make sure you’re not submitting work that’s already been featured in another blog or magazine! Keep in mind this does not apply to your own website; in all cases, you can still submit if it’s only featured on your own blog.

Without further ado, here are our top 7 wedding blogs to submit to!

wedding blogs to submit to

1. The Knot

Well, of course. Who hasn’t heard of The Knot? While The Knot receives a high amount of submissions, they also produce a lot of content, so don’t think that you have no chance of being featured.

Who Can Submit: Typically they receive submissions from photographers, but any other wedding pro can submit with permission from the photographer. If your newlywed couple is interested in submitting, they will need to do it in tandem with a vendor.

What to Submit: The Knot only wants real weddings (no styled shoots or engagement sessions). They also only want submissions that are less than a year old – gotta keep up with the trends! Overall, they say that they are looking to feature couples who did “their wedding, their way”, with lots of personalized details and twists on tradition.

How to Submit: You can submit your wedding through Two Bright Lights. They recommend a submission of 150 images with a variety of horizontal & vertical orientations. The Knot will also ask for the couple’s contact info, so they can be interviewed for their story.

Exclusivity: YES. Cannot be featured on another blog or magazine.

2. Brides.com

Before the internet, Brides was one of the most popular sources of wedding news and trends for brides-to-be. Now, they have continued their legacy with an online blog, leading to even more consistent content. What sets them apart from the other publications is that they definitely want real weddings submitted by the couple themselves, so make sure that if you submit to Brides, your couple is really into it.

Who Can Submit: Couples & photographers.

What to Submit: Real weddings. Brides is looking for unique details and fantastic photography in beautiful locations.

How to Submit: You will need to submit in conjunction with the couple. Email them at submitrealwedding@brides.com, with a link to a Dropbox containing 150 images. You will also need some information about the couple (backstory, what inspired the wedding, etc), so make sure your couple is down to answer lots of questions!

Exclusivity: YES.

3. Martha Stewart Weddings

Another classic name in the wedding space, Martha Stewart Weddings is not just online; they’re still publishing physical magazines! They are always looking for content to feature, and the right feature at the right time could mean big things for you.

Who Can Submit: Any photographer or wedding vendor with the couple’s permission.

What to Submit: Preferably real weddings, rehearsal dinners, welcome parties, bridal showers, vow renewals, or really any wedding-related event. They will occasionally accept styled shoots without models.

How to Submit: Email MarthaReal.Weddings@meredith.com with a link to Dropbox or Pixieset containing 100-150 images. They will also need additional information about the wedding and vendors.

Exclusivity: YES.

4. Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty is another one you’ve probably heard of. What’s unique about SMP is that you can actually have a vendor account with them, which makes it even easier to submit weddings!

Who Can Submit: Couples & wedding vendors.

What to Submit: They require images, but you can also choose to include a short format film if you’d like! It’s also very important to SMP to feature the vendors, so make sure you’ve got the information on everyone. They state that they are looking for couples with personality and “steal worthy” event details.

How to Submit: Submit through their website; you will have to create an account. Vendors with an approved Portfolio and submit from there directly.

Exclusivity: YES (with some exceptions).

5. Green Wedding Shoes

Green Wedding Shoes is a newer publication on the scene, but has absolutely made their mark on the wedding blog community. You’ll generally find a free-spirited, whimsical feel to the weddings they choose to feature.

Who Can Submit: Wedding photographers & vendors.

What to Submit: Pretty much anything – real weddings, unique engagements, anniversary shoots, proposals, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, honeymoon features, wedding fashion features, styled shoots. They’re looking for couples with personality, creativity, and a keen eye for fashion & styling.

How to Submit: Submit on their website. For weddings & styled shoots, submit 50-250 photos. For anything else, submit 20-60 photos.

Exclusivity: YES, but only for a 60 day window after being accepted for publication.

6. Junebug Weddings

Junebug Weddings is another popular wedding blog to submit to, but they’re not just focused on the details. They’re more about the emotion of the photos, and love weddings that celebrate the couples in creative ways.

Who Can Submit: Anyone, but members of their vendor directory do receive priority.

What to Submit: Real weddings & elopements, some styled shoots. Looking for personal style, a good story, and solid photography. Keep in mind: Junebug Weddings does not accept submissions highlighting venues that were previously used for the ownership of slaves (such as plantations).

How to Submit: Submit online through form on website. For a real wedding, submit 100-150 photos. For a styled shoot, submit 75-100.

Exclusivity: YES, for at least 90 days.

7. Munaluchi Bride

Munaluchi Bride, with over 313k followers on Instagram, clearly fills a niche that had a lot of demand: they specifically cater to brides of color. We love their mission of providing a more diverse image of beauty in the wedding world, and we bet you already have a gorgeous bride in mind that would be a perfect feature! They do both print and online, and there is a difference in their exclusivity policy between the two.

Who Can Submit: Anyone can submit, but they do focus on featuring diverse brides of color.

What to Submit: Real weddings, engagement sessions, proposal stories, styled shoots, and other celebrations.

How to Submit: Online form on their website. For weddings & styled shoots, submit 100 images; for engagement sessions, submit 25-50. Munaluchi Bride is looking for portraits that feature the bride, as well as photos of the wedding party, details in the decor, and stylish fashion details on the bride and groom.

Exclusivity: YES for print (some exceptions online).

Summary: Wedding Blogs to Submit To

So now that you’ve seen our 7 top wedding blogs to submit to, here’s a few takeaways that can apply to any submission!

What they’re looking for:

  • A stylish, fashion-forward couple
  • A good story (both of the day and the couple’s backstory)
  • Unique and creative details
  • Generally, natural lighting and minimal editing
  • Ultimately, that wedding that just stands out.

What they’re not looking for:

  • That Pinterest board wedding you’ve seen a million times
  • Old-fashioned, classic weddings with no creative twists
  • Weddings with no story behind them (or a story that you’ve forgotten)
  • Photos that have been overly edited with lots of filters
  • Weddings where you haven’t asked the couple if they’re comfortable with being featured

We hope that this article helps you figure out which wedding blogs to submit to, and that it brings you one step closer to that exciting spotlight!

Interested in working with us to boost your website’s SEO through original content? Check out our Packages, as well as our Past Work to see what we do!

7 Top Wedding Blogs to Submit to With Guidelines
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