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Consulting and Coaching with Natalie Bradley

Because Natalie is working full time running her wedding planning & design company, she is only taking on consulting clients at this time.  

Success Circle

Bride Attraction Marketing and Motivation Success Circle

 The Success Circle is a mastermind group of serious wedding professionals who focus on getting more brides, making more money, and doing what it takes to build a successful and fun-filled wedding business! My desire is to help you by showing you what’s worked for me and my past clients. So I’ve created this program to fit into everyone’s budget. This is a monthly membership program and you can learn more here to get this month’s class and member benefits. 


Are you ready to STOP treating your business like an expensive, time-sucking hobby and START making real money?

Are you stuck and stressed out in your wedding business?

Do you need help standing out from your competition?

This is a results-and-goal-oriented program! (In fact, you’ll get your return on investment MANY times over with booking just one wedding!) We’ll work together on your action plan quickly, mapping out a strategy for you and your goals step-by-step. We will customize what your program entails based on where you are presently in your business and where you want to be (in terms of goals and revenue).

With the Power Hour, you’ll receive these fabulous benefits and bonuses:

  • One private Power Hour (60 minutes) coaching session with Natalie via phone ($150 value) 
  • MP3 of your session to listen to over and over again ($50 value)
  • The Bride Attraction 10k Every 30 Days Home Study System e-Manual and Audio Tutorials ($397 value) 
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One Hour Consulting with Natalie

30 minute Consulting with Natalie

With each of these private coaching programs, you’ll send me accountability progress forms so that I can see where you are, what you’ve implemented, and where to focus next! I’ll also be there to help you if you find that you’ve hit a bump in the road.

I’m ready to help you. You just have to make that first step and reach out today!

Love and Light,




Natalie Bradley


“I booked almost $10,000 in business in less than one week”

Melissa Prosser“Thank you SO very much for helping me hit the ground running for my new clients next year! Your system has really given me a boost to get my confidence going, and re-strategize how I market to my brides. Your advice on closing the sale, how to position your website, and how to run a meeting have helped me out so much!

Since I started working with you, I have booked my two best clients for next year!

Before I started working with you, I was really in a slump and didn’t know how to turn my businessMelissa Prosser around. Since working with you, I am confident that next year will be my best one yet! In fact,

I booked almost $10,000 in business in less than one week after implementing a few things you coached me around.

Thanks so much Natalie! You’re the best!!!”

Melissa Prosser | Award Winning Photojournalist |


“This week, I’ve talked to 4 new brides!”

Cyndi“Thank you, Natalie, for helping me. I will always be grateful for your experience and wisdom of weddings. But, even more than that, for your ability to “coach” me. Whether I’m flying high with success or totally “bummed out” from not accomplishing all the tasks on my “list”, you know what to say AND, importantly, what to do to keep me on the “attraction” track. Cyndi Israel

This week, thanks to your encouragement, I’ve talked to 4 new brides about Twigs, Leaves & Flowers. YAY!

Before your confidence-boosting support, I most likely would not have seized those opportunities. Thank you! Thank you! What a team!!!”


Cyndi |


“Natalie has saved me hundreds of dollars in unnecessary marketing tactics”

Kathy DalPra“Working in corporate marketing for over a decade before becoming an entrepreneur taught me that all good marketing begins with a niche. And if you suddenly find yourself selling to a niche you’ve never worked in before, you have quite a learning curve ahead of you. That’s why I didn’t waste any time when my bridal jewelry line launched.

Sure, I’d held marketing positions in the wedding industry before and, yes, I had a solid marketing and sales background, but none of that made me an ‘expert’ at attracting brides…not until I could combine all that great experience with the solid coaching of someone who’d been there and done that. From the start I never doubted that I would need an “insider” coach if I wanted to minimize my trials and errors and get straight to the results. That’s why Natalie was a no-brainer.

I had my pick of coaches and gurus, but Natalie was the only one with a real life turnaround story IN my new niche, the luxury wedding market. I’ve only just completed a few coaching sessions and already Natalie has saved me hundreds of dollars in unnecessary marketing tactics, such as useless ads and promotional giveaways, that I would have otherwise implemented without her guidance. What I value most about working with Natalie is that I don’t waste time and money on efforts that will likely be fruitless. Kathy DalPra Instead, I can quickly focus all of my energy and resources on those handful of activities that are going to pay off. I don’t have the time or the budget to wander around in the market directionless and I’d venture a guess that you don’t either.

With Natalie’s support, we can avoid the deer in headlights syndrome and, instead, be professionals with confidence, purpose and, best of all, brides!”

Kathy DalPra |