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Bride Attraction Testimonials

Curious to know if the Bride Attraction System works?
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Just a few of our Bride Attraction *Success* Stories….

“I booked $12,500 last month and this month I have already booked $11,000 (and it’s only the 7th day of the month!)”

Shane Zerangue “I have never had a reason to send a testimonial before so excuse me if I stumble on my words. I just wanted to write you and tell you how much your program has meant to me over the past couple of months. Just to give you a little background, about 4 years ago I was pretty much on the top of my game here in my area. Things were going fairly well, I was booking a standard amount of weddings and getting plenty of referrals.

But my business took a turn for the worst over the last couple of years and last year was the worst ever. Towards the end of the year I was truly starting to ask myself, ‘What am I going to do?’ Here I was, 54 years old, applying for jobs in the in IT which had surpassed my tech skills during my years as a filmmaker. So, at 54, I was looking at having no to little income and I was basically un-hirable. Things were looking bleak to say the least.

Sometime in December 2011, I think it was, a friend/colleague of mine told me about Natalie Bradley. He told me about Natalie’s Home Study course and how it had literally changed the way he did business. I was excited to hear that and I looked up the website and started taking a look around. I found a lot of my initial questions being answered and something about what I was seeing was telling me that this might work for me, especially after hearing some of the things my friend had told me.

So in January I decided to give it a try. I seriously could not afford it and literally used my last dollars to invest in the course. There was a payment plan so that made it easier but, true talk, I was not sure where the second payment was going to come from. But I wanted good things to happen so badly and I was willing to try something that I felt would work. So investing the last few dollars I had to my name, I got started.

I started going through the program and completing the worksheets and it all started to make sense. I could see how this was all going to work but I could also see that it was going to take 3 – 6 months before I would really see any changes. I was ok with that but it was scary.

Then one day as I was still going through the home study course, I listened to a promotional conference call that Natalie put together called How to Make 10K every 30 Days.

Of course I was thinking, I would love to make $10,000 every 30 days but, c’mon.. I will be happy making $3000 every 30 days.

So I listened in and was blown away by what I heard. I was very excited and wanted to learn more.

So again, I invested what little money I had and took another plunge. Let me just say that this course has changed my life. Changed my Life.

Not just business wise, but changed me personally. Using Natalie’s Close the Sale Without Fail techniques I was able to book $12,500 in February and this month, March, I have already booked $11,000 and its only March 7, 2012.

I am meeting with another bride this afternoon and I fully expect her to book me just based on our initial conversation. I used to go into consultations feeling insecure, not knowing what to say and feeling like a car salesman. It was always a crap shoot how the consultation was going to go.

Now, when I go into a consultation based on the techniques I learned from Natalie, the couple is already pre-sold on me and all I have to do is talk them and just be myself. By the end of the consultation, whether the couple books me or not, we spent a nice hour together getting to know each other. It is truly an opportunity for both of us to see if we are a good match. Consultations have never been easier and I now look forward to them rather than being nervous about them.

But not only has my business changed, but I have personally changed. I am no longer negative all the time.

I feel good and I am happy. I am finding that the better I feel, the better other people feel around me and the world is becoming a positive place once again.

One thing to note, I still have a lot of work to do in the program based on Natalie’s teachings and techniques and I am still working hard towards my goal of implementing all of them. It’s crazy to think how much more business will come my way once the whole program is implemented. Thank you, Natalie for taking my business to the next level and transforming my life from being worried about what tomorrow will bring to being excited at the opportunities I know are going to be coming my way.”

- Shane Zerangue

“I couldn’t have found any other program that was so comprehensive as yours”

“I am so excited to share with you, that this evening, I heard back from my bride for our follow-up call tonight (after almost 3 weeks from the consultation, talk about pins & needles!) and she has BOOKED!!!!!!!! Not only has she booked, but she informed me that her parents are chipping-in to help and she can now afford my $3200 FULL SERVICE PACKAGE!!!! I am so ecstatic because this is only the 2nd time that I’ve sold my full-service package, but since working with you, I’ve raised my pricing (was about $2k before). And this was the first bride I met with in having completed the private coaching program with you. :)

I cannot express to you how grateful I am for all you’ve done for me. You were so fun to work with, patient, kind and most of all, inspiring. Without you sharing so much with me, much of which was quite personal, I would not have been able to find “my voice” and figure out what my USP was. I would have continued to struggle, not just with cash flow, but with my fear of being inept. You taught me about the powerful Law of Attraction, and honestly, that was my saving grace, because I have been a constant skeptic my whole life. I would not have been able to be so compelling in my mission, or be able to record a TV episode for my business, or close this bride without the confidence I gained in us working together–I did not feel like a “wedding planner” until you. Consider me deeply in your debt for what you have taught me. I know that when that Juicy Offer is up on my website, those leads and the ca$h will continue to flow in!!

I couldn’t have found any other program that was so comprehensive as yours, and am so thankful for everything…

Much Love and Thanks,


Christine Ringuette,

“I expect my income to at least double this year”

“Making the decision to join Natalie Bradley’s Mastermind program was the best decision I ever made. It has been life changing to say the least! Natalie not only provided me with the information I needed to grow my business, but she has also taught me how to actually implement what she teaches.

Having someone to coach you through the process and guide you along as you are implementing the program makes all the difference in the world. As a result I have booked more brides in the last three months than I did all of last year! I expect my income to at least double this year and it is all thanks to Natalie’s powerful mastermind program.

Before the Mastermind program, I did not even realize that many of the things I was doing were actually hindering my ability to book more brides. Natalie showed me where to focus and prioritize my time and efforts. She also showed me how to make additional streams of income so I will have more revenue AND more time. I had no idea it could be this easy to book more brides, increase my income and not have to work 24/7!

Another very important part of the program is having a strong support group. Having a group of people who I can trust and who are going through similar things with their own businesses is invaluable. Just knowing I am not alone in the process and having people to bounce ideas off of, askBeth Carrick questions to or just share success stories with is very helpful and powerful.

Thank you Natalie for changing my life and helping me to have a successful business! My business is more profitable, I have more time with my family, I am able to give my brides the attention they deserve, and I can have the lifestyle I have always wanted thanks to the Mastermind program.”

Beth Carrick
Owner /Event Planner
Flawless Occasions
Tampa, FL

“I booked almost $10,000 in business in less than one week”

“Thank you SO very much for helping me hit the ground running for my new clients next year! Your system has really given me a boost to get my confidence going, and re-strategize how I market to my brides. Your advice on closing the sale, how to position your website, and how to run a meeting have helped me out so much!

Since I started working with you, I have booked my two best clients for next year!

Before I started working with you, I was really in a slump and didn’t know how to turn my business around. Since working with you, I am confident that next year will be my best one yet! In fact,

I booked almost $10,000 in business in less than one week after implementing a few things you coached me around.

Thanks so much Natalie! You’re the best!!!” Melissa Prosser

Melissa Prosser
Award Winning Photojournalist

“Helped me uncover the strength I needed to be a successful business woman”

Macie M. BainBefore learning from Natalie’s “How to make real money as a Wedding Planner” program I was super lost with my business. I knew where I wanted to go…I had no idea how to get there (at least, not without breaking the bank). I took a Wedding Planner Certification course…and still had no idea had to move forward with the business. I know I’ve got talent and a passion for weddings…but you can’t be a successful business woman on talent and passion alone.

With this program, I was able to find direction…and motivation. It was a relief to finally have someone to go to who could point out what I could do better without having to conform to cookie-cutter techniques. On top of that, it was great to work with someone who actually went through it all and came out on top. Your system embraces individuality, which makes it a lot easier to move forward. With your help I revamped my site, my client information forms, my contact emails, my approach…I can go on! It wasn’t that I was doing anything wrong, I learned I wasn’t doing enough; that I really needed to put myself out there and not be afraid to be me…because that’s what my business is all about…me. :)

I had to step out into the big bright world to get recognition (the business world can be a scary place). This requires putting oneself out there…not sitting around waiting for it to find me. You taught me to express confidence in my business and talent; to keep in mind that couples come to me for a reason…because they need me. I enhanced my communication and organization skills…making all tasks a cinch, instead of wasting hours and still ending up with nothing. My business now has a process…and a purpose!

Macie BainWith your encouragement I was chosen for a “2010 Bride’s Choice Award” from WeddingWire. This award is is given to vendors in the top 5% of their site (they have over 100,000 vendors). My couples provided awesome reviews, and just recently one of my grooms from last years wedding contacted me and said he wants to work with me again for his “big parties.” My first repeat client!

So…I’m stoked to have worked with you! You really are a dream. Thank you for helping me to uncover the strength I needed to be a successful business woman…who owns her own company…and is doing quite well…in my first year :)

Macie M. Bain |

“Booked 9 brides in one weekend!”

“Before learning from Natalie’s Bride Attraction programs, I was not moving in my business, I was not getting any clients or traffic to my websites and was not closing the brides.  Now I have at least 10 weddings and events scheduled for 2010 year and 5 scheduled for 2011.  If you do what she teaches, it is a sure thing that your business will grow.

From her programs, I received so much information that I am truly excited about my business.  I am now excited about the future of my business all I can tell you is Get Excited!  If you follow her steps to success you will gain success!

As a result of me being a part of the Bride Attraction programs, my business is expected to grow 20% from this year and I am averaging 5 brides every two to three weeks that are contacting me.  I also get clients for other events such as birthday, banquets, etc and that has grown by 30%.

My advice for those interested in getting this information is stop holding back if you are truly interested in growing your business and are serious about your future and the future of you business join the Bride Attraction programs.

Wedding Planners stop paying all that money to be certified…what are they giving you that will make your business grow?  Use that money on this program it is a sure thing but you have to work it.  It will not work by itself.  Join us in the Motivation Success Circle.  These certification programs do not motivate you and truly, I have been in this business for over 16 years and I was with a certification program and my business was moving slowly now it is growing by leaps and bounds.  Trust me drop those certification programs like a bad habit and do something to grow your business. 

2010 is here and in 22 days into the new year.  Pure In Heart Weddings & Events, LLc. booked 9 brides in one weekend.  This is proof that this training will work.  Not only did we book 9 brides, but they were high end brides that know what they want and are will to pay for it.  All I am asking is that you try her programs.

Lana Tull

“This week, I’ve talked to 4 new brides!”

“Thank you, Natalie, for helping me.  I will always be grateful for your experience and wisdom of weddings.  But, even more than that, for your ability to “coach” me.  Whether I’m flying high with success or totally “bummed out” from not accomplishing all the tasks on my “list”, you know what to say AND, importantly, what to do to keep me on the “attraction” track. 

This week, thanks to your encouragement, I’ve talked to 4 new brides about Twigs, Leaves & Flowers.  YAY!

Before your confidence-boosting support,  I most likely would not have seized those opportunities.  Thank you!   Thank you!  What a team!!!”


Cyndi   |

“I now have the knowledge, confidence, and attitude”

“Thank You SO very much for helping me gain the knowledge to help me get so many amazing new brides this year! Your Bride Attraction System really helped me in the areas I struggled most in.

I now have the knowledge, confidence, and attitude to get Lindley’s Photography out there, and in front of our brides! Your advice on making minor changes to our website and pricing has helped in MAJOR ways! 

Before we implemented the steps in the Bride Attraction System we were struggling on finding that next step for our business. But now we are taking the next step in a Big way! Your personal coaching has made so many huge changes in the way we operate Lindley’s Photography, and we are a HUGE success because of all of your help and guidance! After I started working with you, I have booked more high-end brides than I could have ever imagined!

Thank You so much Natalie!!”

Amanda Lindley | Award Winning Photographer |

“Natalie showed me exactly how to implement it.”

I had already heard amazing things about Natalie Bradley and when I saw that she’d be in my area for a Breakthroughs Workshop, I didn’t think twice to sign up.  Not only did Natalie provide me with useful marketing information, but she showed me exactly how to implement it. 

Her tips and personalized business feedback were invaluable to me and I walked away from her workshop confident and ready to take my business to the next level. I found Natalie to be approachable and her bubbly personality and contagious positive outlook made it that much more fun to work with her.  Her own success story is an inspiration and I feel lucky to have met Natalie along my own journey to success!

Carina Castro, Luxe Events, LLC |


“Natalie has saved me hundreds of dollars in unnecessary marketing tactics”

“Working in corporate marketing for over a decade before becoming an entrepreneur taught me that all good marketing begins with a niche.  And if you suddenly find yourself selling to a niche you’ve never worked in before, you have quite a learning curve ahead of you.  That’s why I didn’t waste any time when my bridal jewelry line launched. 

Sure, I’d held marketing positions in the wedding industry before and, yes, I had a solid marketing and sales background, but none of that made me an ‘expert’ at attracting brides…not until I could combine all that great experience with the solid coaching of someone who’d been there and done that.  From the start I never doubted that I would need an “insider” coach if I wanted to minimize my trials and errors and get straight to the results.  That’s why Natalie was a no-brainer. 

I had my pick of coaches and gurus, but Natalie was the only one with a real life turnaround story IN my new niche, the luxury wedding market.  I’ve only just completed a few coaching sessions and already Natalie has saved me hundreds of dollars in unnecessary marketing tactics, such as useless ads and promotional giveaways, that I would have otherwise implemented without her guidance.  What I value most about working with Natalie is that I don’t waste time and money on efforts that will likely be fruitless.  Instead, I can quickly focus all of my energy and resources on those handful of activities that are going to pay off.  I don’t have the time or the budget to wander around in the market directionless and I’d venture a guess that you don’t either. 

With Natalie’s support, we can avoid the deer in headlights syndrome and, instead, be professionals with confidence, purpose and, best of all, brides!”

~Kathy DalPra

“My bookings are up 50% from this time last year!”

“Before working with Natalie, I knew there was something wrong with my marketing message because I wasn’t getting the right kind of brides that I wanted to work with. Plus, I really didn’t know or understand what kind of information was really necessary to put on my website or in any of my marketing content – I used to think that my photography would sell itself.

After working with Natalie in just one session, I was able to clarify what I wanted each bride to know about my photography and more importantly about me. As a result, I’m booking more weddings with clients who value me. Working with Natalie has given me a new found confidence, something that I even noticed myself as I met with couples.

I can honestly say that my bookings are up 50% from this time last year, and I’m excited to see what happens throughout my personal coaching with Natalie this year. I used to be a photographer who did everything himself and as a result, it was hurting my business. 

Hiring Natalie as my private coach was the best thing I could do for my business.”

~Chris Leary | 

“Our business will grow 25 percent or more.”

“Prior to Natalie Bradley’s Bride Attraction System, we were marketing SunCelebrations to brides, but were somewhat unsure if we were using the best strategies and tactics.  Because we participated in the program, it reassured us that we are marketing our business in a methodical way, using a good marketing mix. 

SunCelebrations anticipates that our business will grow 25 percent or more in the next year.  Our recommendation to those thinking of purchasing the program is to consider it as an investment in your wedding business. 

The emphasis placed on social media presence confirmed that our time spent on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites is worthwhile.  SunCelebrations also got some fresh ideas from the program that we are using in the near future, such as bridal boutique events and referral request letters to personal contacts.”

~Cindy Clearwater |  (Photo by

“Brides are calling!”

“Before the universe directed me to Natalie Bradley, I was struggling with a business plan and marketing that everyone else had done time and time again. I was banging my head up against the wall as to why I was not catching the attention of more brides, with nothing to blame but the economy and myself. 

Natalie has taught me to be authentic and original and to market in ways I would never have dreamed of. Brides are calling and I am beginning to develop new and exciting products and business plans! My sincerest thanks!”

Cara Castelli-Sathrum |

“My first bridal show was a huge success and you were a huge part of it!” 

“Thank you, Natalie for the great work you did with me specifically around getting me prepared for the bridal show. 

I stepped into my first show, after being coached by you, with such confidence.  You really helped me make it a success.  While other vendors there were huddled together complaining about what was wrong with the show, I was filling my signup sheet with potential brides!  You helped me know how to pick the best location, create a great giveaway that people loved, and prepare me on how to successfully work a potential customer just enough to book a meeting. 

My first bridal show was a huge success and you were a huge part of it! 

You made me fabulous, Natalie.”

Christopher Duggan

I do not know how I can ever repay you for the successes!

“What I have  learned from Natalie Bradley is invaluable. I have been able to feel better about myself and my company from where it was to where it is going! Natalie has taught me how to overcome my challenges whatever they might be and conquer them with professionalism! Not only is she teaching me she is teaching my team through me! I could not have accomplished what I have without her and her team! She is truly my savior in my business. I have hit many a road blocks in my business as a Wedding Planner, but now I know how to overcome these road blocks and move on and keep “truckin” if you will. Everything she teaches and how to implement what she teaches into my business has brought my business tremendous satisfaction and has me growing beyond my wildest dreams. I now have people contacting me! Her knowledge, advice and wisdom are truly a work of success. You cannot go wrong in your business by implementing her program and teachings! Everyone should know about Natalie, even though I would love to keep her to myself, because I want to know everything I should be doing before anyone else, so I can be ahead of the game, but that isn’t fair! So here is a toast to Natalie ~ Bride Attraction! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO AND HAVE DONE! You are truly a godsend to me and my company, I do not know how I can ever repay you for the successes I am now seeing before my eyes in my business!”

Robin Wells

Natalie Bradley has proved invaluable, personally and professionally

“What I have learned from Natalie Bradley has proved invaluable, personally and professionally. Working with Natalie was my first experience in the event industry, and I am absolutely certain that she paved the way for me to excel in my current profession. Her attention to detail, creative spirit, passion and acute business sense make her an outstanding teacher and an asset to the industry!”

Callie Phillipi

Natalie has been a Godsend for me & my company.

“Natalie has been a Godsend for me & my company. She has helped me over some hurdles that I thought were mountains. However, with her outside perspective I was able to see & overcome those challenges. I have also hired Natalie as a speaker for my event ” A Toast …To Us!” Brunch for Wedding Planners. I am getting a lot of positive feedback for having her as a speaker. Thanks Natalie for ALL that you do!! Looking forward to working with you again in the very near future.”

Christina Walker


Potential client signed up for my premium wedding planning service

“I hired Natalie to help me market my wedding planning business, and after my initial consultation, had a workable plan that I implemented right away. Not 24 hours after I had finished with all of her recommendations, I was contacted by a potential wedding client, and then two days after that, that potential client signed up for my premium wedding planning service. Can’t beat that for results.”

Liz Coopersmith

Brides are calling

“Before the universe directed me to Natalie Bradley, I was struggling with a business plan and marketing that everyone else had done time and time again. I was banging my head up against the wall as to why I was not catching the attention of more brides, with nothing to blame but the economy and myself.

Natalie has taught me to be authentic and original and to market in ways I would never have dreamed of. Brides are calling and I am beginning to develop new and exciting products and business plans! My sincerest thanks!”

Cara Castelli-Sathrum

“Natalie has coached me on a couple of occasions and each time we work together she helps me get results fast. As a wedding photographer, having a coach that knows my clients is key. Natalie knows the wedding business and she knows brides. She has tons of tools on her belt that work both for attracting more bride clients and for helping me to get out of my own way and just get t hings done. Natalie is intuitive, creative, brilliant, and yes, fabulous! Can’t wait to work together again.”

Christopher Duggan

“Thank you, Natalie for the great work you did with me specifically around getting me prepared for the bridal show. 

I stepped into my first show, after being coached by you, with such confidence.  You really helped me make it a success.  While other vendors there were huddled together complaining about what was wrong with the show, I was filling my signup sheet with potential brides!  You helped me know how to pick the best location, create a great giveaway that people loved, and prepare me on how to successfully work a potential customer just enough to book a meeting.  

My first bridal show was a huge success and you were a huge part of it! You made me fabulous, Natalie.”

Christopher Duggan

“I chose PR as one of my majors because event planning always sounded so exciting, but I was frustrated because I felt that I wasn’t getting many practical ideas about how to begin a career in this industry. Natalie’s workshop was exactly what I’d been looking for.  She shared so many insightful and in-depth ideas about how to break into the industry and become a success!

She not only told us what to do, but exactly how to do it.  It was so exciting for me to discover a realistic career path that involves a dynamic combination of creativity, organization and management.  Natalie’s first-hand success story was truly inspiring and motivational.

The workshop was energizing and focused on the steps to take to make it in the real world. I highly recommend Natalie’s coaching to anyone who’s ever considered a career in event planning!”

Caroline Boegel

“Thank you for all of your knowledge and advice you shared with us at your workshop. It was very beneficial and I learned a lot of important information that will help me in the future. 

I thought I had a good start, but your workshop showed me what else I need to do. You have been such a huge help, and I really appreciate all your advice. Thank you again.”

Stekki Mazo

“Thank you so much for taking the time to host your seminar!  I had such a great time and found it so beneficial! It was such a wonderful way to reach out to people like me who are trying to find a career path.”

Christine Stuckey

“I wanted to thank you for the incredible seminar. Your wisdom and advice was invaluable to me.”

D’Arcy Duncan

“Thank you so much for hosting your seminar! I felt like it was just what I needed to really help me excel in this field. I really enjoyed getting to know you, and I certainly learned a lot of very valuable information that I will definitely take with me.

My ultimate goal is to open my own planning company, so these sessions will definitely put me in the right direction.  Thank you again for everything!

You are truly inspiring! I learned so much from you.”

Veronica Rohrmoser

“Your course was very informative and exceeded my expectations. I can take what I learned and apply it in my harp business. I wanted to say thank you. Your story was truly inspiring. After your course, I feel more confident about my business.  Thanks again.”

Frances Doughtie