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Success Circle

Bride Attraction Marketing and Motivation Success Circle





The Success Circle is a mastermind group of serious wedding professionals who focus on getting more brides, making more money, and doing what it takes to build a successful and fun-filled wedding business! My desire is to help you by showing you what’s worked for me and my past clients. So I’ve created this program to fit into everyone’s budget. This is a monthly membership program and you can learn more here to get this month’s class and member benefits. 


How to Use Google Plus & Pinterest to Beat Out Your Competition

google + and pinterest graphicWe’ve taken two of our very popular past Success Circle calls and made them into a bundled digital product for you on How to Use Google Plus & Pinterest to Beat Out Your Competition!

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How to Create and Sell High-End Wedding Packages in Any Economy

The Bride Attraction Formula to Financial Freedom by Creating and Selling High-End Wedding Packages (in any Economy)

Discover the key secrets to transform your business from selling inexpensive wedding packages (that keep you working your tail off while your bank account suffers) to selling high-end packages (that free up your time and create financial freedom for you).

Learn more and get your own digital copy within seconds here.

“How to Make Massive Money with Your Email” 

Did you know that email helped me take my business to a whole new level of success?

Did you also know that email allowed me to start working only 4 days a week with a full wedding business?

And…that it allowed me continued success even after the Great Recession hit the wedding industry?

It’s true. And this is why I teach email marketing as a huge part of the Bride Attraction System.

To this day, my ezine (short for electronic magazine, and what some call an e-newsletter) is still my #1 marketing tool. Ahead of social media, blogging and anything else I do and teach.

Read more and get your own digital copy within seconds here.

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*You must supply proof that you tried the things we teach in this system and if you STILL don’t see results, we’ll refund your money.  Because, of course, if you don’t try anything, it will never work for you.

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