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Tweets that get you followers….

by Margaret (Evan) Sheppard, Marketing Intern at

Everyone has heard of Twitter, but many smaller businesses may be reluctant about delving into the giant communication jumble! My advice- it is definitely worth checking in to.  Although Twitter can be scary and big, it is a great way to connect with customers and businesses with similar interests. Getting started is actually really easy, and best of all it’s free marketing! What could be bad about that? 

So for those of you looking to make Twitter a part of your business, as well as those of you hoping to learn to make it work to your greatest advantage, here are some wonderful tips I’ve come across: 

  1. Share as much as possible (especially photos), including behind-the-scenes looks at developing projects. Twitter followers love to know what’s now. 
  2. Listen to your following. Keep an eye on what is being said about your company so you know what customers like and what needs work.
  3. Ask questions and interact with your followers. This lets them know you are listening, and gives you great info!
  4. Respond to compliments and comments in real time.
  5. Reward those who listen. Tweet discounts and special offers to motivate followers to check in often.
  6. Don’t be afraid to reference larger articles and links related to your business. It shows that you do your research! 
  7. Champion your stakeholders. Retweet followers tweets! It will encourage them to do the same. 
  8. Establish your voice. Twitter isn’t the place for constant seriousness and eloquent speech. Have fun with it and be genuine! 

Want to learn more? You can find these tips and much more Twitter insight- from the definition of a “retweet” to how highly successful businesses use it as a tool- in this article from CRM magazine! 


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  1. great tips! @BrideAttraction RT Tweets that get you followers….

  2. ;) @EmilieCarol: @nataliebradley: Tweets that get you followers great article!!!!

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  4. Tweets that get you followers in just 8 simple steps!

  5. Tweets that get you followers in just 8 simple steps!

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    Tweets that get you followers in just 8 simple steps!

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