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This one SEO trick could launch your site sky high


I’m no SEO expert, as I’ve said plenty of times before. I understand what I need to know, but this is not my niche by any means! But many of you know that my friend Kathy from Bride Appeal is and so I try to pay attention to any new tips she has to share. 

Recently she told me about something that took me by surprise. Your domain name…you know, the URL to your website like…can actually heavily influence your rankings in search engines.

It’s true! Apparently, Google pays attention to the words that are in your domain name and uses it to partially determine which words your site should be listed for when couples are searching online.

That means, having a domain name with your target keywords in it could be extremely powerful in getting you the traffic you want from search engines.

In fact, I also learned that sometimes a domain will actually help you outrank a competitor that is a lot more well known than you! 

If you’ve been hoping for a boost in search engine rank, this might be the missing piece you’ve been looking for.

To learn more about this exciting discovery and see if your perfect domain name is out there waiting for you, check out a great resource for keyword domains specifically for wedding professionals.

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  1. The SEO Trick that Could Launch Your Site Sky High!

  2. The SEO Trick that Could Launch Your Site Sky High!

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