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Keep it Ridiculously Simple to Make the Big Bucks

Most wedding pros are confusing brides out of sales, which is unfortunate. But the worst part is that most wedding pros don’t even realize that they’re doing it.  When we first start working with clients who aren’t booking brides consistently, this is one of the glaring reasons why I can see that brides don’t hire.  

So how do you solve this issue?

You have to keep your marketing, your ads, your website wording, your videos, facebook posts, tweets, and everything else you do so ridiculously simple that an 11 year old would understand. But more than that, the part that you must make sure is understood is not how you do what you do, or how awesome you are doing it. 

The message that must hit home is how you understand their problems, and how you can solve them. How you can give them the results they so desperately desire for their wedding. And then show them proof you can do this.  

The proof of your expertise and ability to deliver the results comes through several channels to brides: 

Articles you write in a way that they can understand how to do something or get ideas for the big day! Don’t give too much info in one article. Spoon feed it to them so that it’s not information overload. Show them the way with your tips and tricks of the trade.

Give them ideas consistently. Show pictures on Facebook and Twitter to give them inspiration and also “proof” of your own real weddings that you’ve helped brides create. 

With your brochures (you know I prefer digital ones) and all ads really capitalize on their emotions to evoke the response you want them to feel on their wedding day seeing how you “saved the day”. 

The same is true for your videos, your website copy, your business card. For everything you do. 

I like to have someone NOT in my industry read all my material first to see if they “get it”. If they look even mildly confused, I know I’ve complicated the issue. Keep it Ridiculously Simple!!

Love and Blessings, 


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