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Get more Likes, Shares and Comments on Your Facebook Page


If you’ve been wondering why some pages are wildly popular on Facebook and some seem like a ghost town, it’s not because there’s some secret society you’ve been excluded from. It’s simply because you don’t know about Facebook’s coding that makes pages pop up in news feeds more than others. Today, let’s simplify this so you’ll get a lot more likes, shares and comments!

A few weeks ago, I was scratching my head wondering why I had so many fans on my page but not a ton of interaction. So I did some research and discovered that Facebook recently changed its coding again to make some pages more popular than others. Meaning, they show up in more news feeds than others. And it’s not just those that are promoting posts. It’s actually a quite simple formula.

You need to make sure you’re doing 3 critical things really well…

1. Upload photos and videos directly to your fan page.

In other words, don’t just share from other pages. You can do that as well, but Facebook sees Pages that upload photos and/or videos often as “more useful” or “more attractive” and so you’ll come up in News Feeds in front of a lot more people and a lot more often. Right now, this is one of the most important things to do with your page in the eyes of Facebook.

Share ideas, inspiration, how to’s. Share real weddings and add your business watermark if you want it to “travel” with your picture on the internet. Upload daily if possible, and even better….upload multiple times daily. Again, you can see how I do this on my own page here.

With your photos and videos, you can also ask questions. Ask for preferences. Put contests out there to get them helping YOU to promote your own page in exchange for a reward of some sort.

2. Test, Test, Test!

Post at various times per day and watch the likes, shares and comments. Try posting at 7am, 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, and so on. Compare Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday …and so on (through the weekend)…. When are the most popular times with your target market? Keep a spreadsheet and test and track this. Then, make sure you capitalize on the MOST popular times and days of the week.

Take advantage of the scheduling feature on your Facebook Page so that you can schedule a day in advance, or even a week’s worth of posts in advance. Then, look at the insights. Notice what’s working … and what isn’t!

3. Pay attention to what your brides like. (And then do more of that!)

You’ll start noticing trends when you test. Your brides may gravitate toward cutesy items. Or possibly outdoor ideas and inspiration. Or more formal options. Maybe it’s vintage that gets your brides excited. Pay attention and post accordingly. Sometimes it’s not that obvious. For instance, on my own page, I discovered easily and quickly that even though people are coming to me for help with marketing and sales, they engage more on my Facebook page when I post a lot of wedding ideas for their clients to see and only salt and pepper the marketing and sales in there…. You never know until you test!

Once I made these changes with my own page, not only are the likes increasing at a much higher rate, but also more people are “talking about” it on Facebook. We went from less than 100 on average “talking about” our page on Facebook to literally over 900 in a matter of 5 days. And it didn’t cost a dime. I just did the 3 things above a lot better. So you can do it easily too! 

So this week, your assignment is to try these essential three elements to see your Facebook page go wild to start yielding you real leads and real sales!!

Love and Blessings,

© 2008-2012 Natalie Bradley,

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