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Get Bridal Leads on your List Fast by Doing This!

by Kim McDaniels

To thrive as a wedding business, you already know you need a great leads list. But what you may not realize is how simple it can be to get these leads on your own list quickly by just focusing on the process broken down step-by-step.

What’s your expertise, what sets you apart, what’s your “IFO” Irresistible Free Offer? You’re trying to get a business going, creating a website, and now you have to create an offer to get people on your list! So much to do! But…your IFO doesn’t have to be exhausting.

An IFO can be any of the following that you might already have in your marketing tools and can repurpose:

  • A speech you presented locally: pdf, audio recording, video
    • Haven’t given any speeches? Phone it in! Set up a free conference call account, I use, and record your speech.  You already have the speech in a document (pdf) so now you have two forms to offer.
  • An interview you had with someone locally or on the web: pdf, audio recording, video
    • Don’t have an interview? Let’s pretend! Use your free conference call account, and have a friend interview you.  Record the interview and now you have an audio and transcript (pdf)!
  • PowerPoint Presentation to a group: slides, pdf, Animoto, video
    • What’s Animoto? You can create stunning videos, with music, for free (limited length) from your PP presentation. Also convert it to a pdf and you have a packaged IFO!
  • Webinar : slides, pdf, Animoto, video
    • Have you heard of It’s a great webinar tool, very inexpensive and you can do a show and tell, share your computer, share your brochure, and record the audio and video!

Here are a few tools to help you create your IFO:

And to make the presentation of your IFO beautiful, professional, and enticing…you might want to create an e-cover.  What’s an e-cover?  An e-cover is a fictitious image of your IFO, whether it’s a pdf/report, or a digital version.  Some tools to help you create an e-cover are:

Now you have your IFO completed you want people to see it!  Try any of these:

  • Place your opt-in box on your website as high on the page as possible and to the right.
  • Place your opt-in box in a website pop-up.
  • Place your opt-in box or link, after a blog post.
  • Place your opt-in box or link, on your website footer.
  • Direct people on your social media to grab your free report.
  • Use a QR code on your site and any print media.

One last note:  I use the word OPT-IN a lot but the words you should use on your web-page should be terms like: Subscribe or Join Me or Grab My Free Report. The words used, make a BIG difference to conversions. Most visitors will not know what OPT-IN means, so for that reason avoid using the term OPT-IN on your site.

Try these ideas and let me know if you need some additional help.

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