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Wedding Pro Wednesday- Cari Vollmer and Passion Into Profit

Okay, so Cari isn’t a wedding pro, but she IS someone you need to know. So today is an interview with her to let you know more about her awesome talents and how she can help YOU! Happy Wedding Pro Wednesday! :) 

Natalie Bradley: What made you passionate about what you do? What events do you feel brought you to this point in time? 

Cari Vollmer Passion Into ProfitCari Vollmer: When I was a kid there are a few things I dreamed about; 1) being a teacher of some kind, 2) owning my own business, and 3) being in charge of something!  (I loved the idea of being the boss! LOL!)  By the time I was 19 I started thinking of businesses I could start.  My parents owned a restaurant so at first I thought I wanted to open up my own little restaurant but then I started imagining different types of business, such as being a personal shopper, owning my own clothing store, even designing my own clothing line.  


NB: What do you love the most about your business?! 

CV: There are so many things!  First, I absolutely love the work I do with my clients…helping them discover their brilliance and helping them build their dream businesses.  In my heart of hearts I am a teacher so I get to use this gift every day in my work and have actually built my business around it.  I also love teaching people about how important it is to trust your intuition when it comes to building your business…it’s your #1 business building tool but you’ve got to trust it!

I also love the lifestyle my business provides:  total flexibility so I have lots of free time with my daughter, who’s 16.  During the summer I take a lot of time off, every Friday, and always work when I want to.  I also very much love how my business allows me to be creative, every day of my life.  I love that!

NB: Do you have a college or higher education degree? If so, is your degree related to what you do now?  

CV: My degree is totally unrelated to what I do today so I barely count that achievement (although college was fun!)  

NB: What are your favorite hobbies and interests? 

CV: I’m a foodie so love to try new restaurants and trying new recipes.  I love hosting intimate gatherings for friends, family AND clients.  I consider myself an amateur photographer and love taking pictures, especially of people and nature.  Reading, TRAVELING!  Traveling is a big one for me currently!

NB: What’s your favorite time of year and why? 

CV: I live in Minnesota so we have FOUR very distinct seasons, which I love.  I love all the seasons.  I love winter for its beauty and quietness…I adore a crisp evening with gently falling snow…it actually makes the world feel quieter.  I love spring because let’s face it after some of our winters… I love summer because of the extra fun we always have AND I love all the gorgeous  flowers.  With all that said I do think autumn is my favorite.  We have amazing autumns in Minnesota and the colors of the trees are breathtaking.  I love going to the apple orchards, long drives and walks and enjoying the beautiful weather.  Love it!

NB: What’s your favorite social media place to hang out virtually? 

CV: Hands down Facebook.

NB: What’s something most people wouldn’t know about you? 

CV: I’m really tall. (Yes she is!! Especially next to someone short like me – I’m 5’4″ on a good day!)  In the online world you don’t get to see that I’m over 6 feet tall. Natalie knows this because we’ve spent so much time together but a lot of people don’t realize it until they meet me and then they’re like, “Wow!  You’re so tall!”  I get that all the time!  LOL!  I wear it as a badge of honor and don’t mind at all.

 NB: If you were a superhero, who would you be and why? (I know – random!) 

 CV: Wonder Woman, of course. Or, Mighty Isis.  I love Mighty Isis.  

NB: When did you start your business? What made you get started? 

CV: I very much felt “called” to quit my corporate job so I could start my own business, or as Natalie calls it “march to the beat of my own drummer”!  I’ve never regretted taking that leap of faith.  I knew, deep down, I wanted to do work that was meaningful.  I knew I had a PURPOSE that I needed to fulfill to feel FULLFILLED.  I started my business in 2001 and haven’t looked back since.

NB: How do you establish a personal connection with your clients?

CV: I love this question because it really is the key to developing a successful business.  How do I establish the connection?  I LISTEN, very, very carefully.  I’m super curious so ask a lot of questions.  I use my intuition to “hear” things they might not be saying. I reflect back to them what I do see; putting my impressions into words I think will resonate for them.  I have found true connection isn’t just about being sweet or nice…it’s about being TRUTHFUL, GENEROUS, and totally AUTHENTIC.  Don’t hide yourself because you think that’s the way to impress a client.  BE YOURSELF and that will work magic!

NB: What’s a typical work week look like for you? Day? 

CV: My daughter just started driving but up until a few weeks ago I literally took her to school and picked her up every day.  I cherished that time with her because it was just her and I in the car and we got in a lot of our talking.  I eat breakfast soon after and get to my desk between 9-10.  I rarely take client calls before 10 a.m. and those go until about 2 p.m. and then I’m done.  I workout late in the morning (my best time.)  I take every Friday off and I reserve Monday’s for admin/marketing/planning days.  I sometimes work evenings and weekends BUT ONLY if I feel inspired to do so, never because I have to.  I love my schedule!

NB: How do you “get it all done”? What’s your biggest tip for other entrepreneurs? 

CV: I make lots of LISTS and refer to them all the time!  That helps me stay focused.  I do have assistants that help with technical stuff.  I’ve learned to let stuff go and prioritize better than I used to, but could still use some work in this area.  I am a naturally organized person and that helps a lot.  My tip:  focus on what you’re good at and hand off the other stuff as soon as your budget allows, and maybe even before.  

NB: What’s your niche?

CV: I work with heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to make money, doing the exact work they love to do.  I’ve coached many different professions, other coaches, consultants, experts, event planners, etc. etc!

NB: Who do you like working with the most (type of person)?

CV: I love working with people who are DELIGHTFUL and delight in the fact they’ve made a powerful decision to work for themselves and make their dreams come true.  My fave clients, hands down, are go-getters.  They do what they say they’re going to do, have fun, like to laugh.  They’re also quite spiritual.  That’s important to me.

NB: How can people work with you? What methods can they chose from? 

CV: First thing they should do is visit and sign up for my free special presentation of Awaken Your Brilliance!  If you need CLARITY regarding your passions, purpose and brilliance then this is a great get-started step to take and it’s absolutely free!

NB: If someone wants to work with you, where do you suggest they begin? 

CV: If you want to get in touch with me personally then visit this page on my site: and fill out the form and let me know what your questions are!  Once I receive your information and questions I’ll be touch with you asap!

NB: What do you wish people knew most about your business and why? 

CV: There are coaches that work with hundreds and even thousands of clients at a time.  That is NOT my business.  I consider my business a boutique business because of the level of attention and service I provide my clients.  If you want up close and personal attention from your business coach then we might be a great fit!  You can read all about me and my style and philosophies on my site, specifically this page:  Feel free to take a peek!  

Cari is one of my dearest friends and she is great at helping you really put more of your passion into your business, and using that to bring in a LOT more profits. You’ll love her just like I do!

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