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The Great Video Testimonial Giveaway!

I am SO excited to have a fun-filled giveaway starting today! 

If you’ve taken a class, a course, or you’ve been implementing one of my home study products, I want to hear about your successes…. in video! I want to see your beautiful smiling face, hear about what you’ve done using our system, and how it’s changed your business (and life) for the better. 

Here’s what is in it for you - you and your business will be featured in front of over 20,000 wedding vendors throughout the world. This can mean a lot more exposure and business for you! After all, people LOVE working with other successful people! ;-) 

Plus, here’s my big giveaway.

One person who submits a video will be selected to receive one full month (that’s 3 sessions) of private coaching from me! That’s a $750 value completely free to you! I want to thank you in a big way for sharing your story for me and our Bride Attraction community. ♥

We’ll select you at random. In fact, I won’t even be doing it. We’ll put your name in a bowl with all the rest, and I’ll let my 4 year old do the honors! :-D 

So what do you have to do exactly? Record a video that’s 2-4 minutes in length, make sure you say your name and website and where you’re located, and send it in by September 20th to via (just sign up for their free service if you don’t already have an account). 

Just share with me something like this …. 

  • Before learning from Natalie Bradley, I was…
  • From her program I received…
  • And as a result, this is what I’ve already seen happen to my business (or expect to see)… (use numbers if at all possible, like how much you’ve made this month, or week, or how many weddings you’ve booked, new fans on your page, list increased, etc).
  • My advice for those thinking of learning from one of Natalie’s paid programs is…”

Feel free to inject your personality into it. Be yourself! I want people to get INSPIRED seeing you! <3 

Also, there’s NO need for it to be perfect. In fact, take a cue from my own video here… you can simply use your computer’s built-in camera, your flip, or a smart phone. It doesn’t need to be professionally recorded in other words. ;-) 

I wonder who will win? Maybe you??


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  1. Get your Video in by September 20th….The Great Video Testimonial Giveaway!

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