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{Not just for photographers} Want to make sure you get credit for those photos online?

On Friday, as I was about to blast dozens of pictures of my new artwork and crafts into the social media world, I came to a screeching halt. I realized that if I was going to share these photos on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc… even on my blog, I wanted to make SURE that if people shared, tweeted, pinned or even downloaded these images, that my info would go with it. After all, if we’re sending out all these fabulous pieces of our work into the virtual world, the whole point is for it to return business to us right? 

And about this time is when I also almost threw Photoshop Elements out the window. (Well, technically I guess that would mean uninstalling it on my computer…but I needed a more dramatic way to relay my frustration to you about this!) 

Even though I understand marketing and getting everything out there consistently and quickly, I am by no way a techie guru like my friend Kathy from Bride Appeal. ;-) I like things to be simple, pretty, and function easily. (In other words, the opposite of photoshop.) 

So I wanted to share with all of you a way to edit and even add a watermark (or just your logo) to your images, without having a shred of techie DNA in your body! It’s call Pic Monkey! (Thank you to my client Carina for this recommendation as well!) I was recommended about a dozen other free companies to use online, but after looking at all of them, I’m sticking with Pic Monkey! I love all the options, the fonts, the ease for those of us who are not techie, and also I <3 the current free nature of this site too. (Let’s just be honest.)

When I discover something fabulous, I like to share it with you. So for those of you waiting to get the word -or rather, your pictures- out into the virtual world, wait no longer. This is a great solution and you can make sure your brand goes with it! 

Happy Pic Sharing! <3 

Love and Blessings, 

© 2008-2012 Natalie Bradley,

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