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In order to have a successful wedding business, you must have a firm foundation and get back to basics in order to see your marketing (and advertising) dollars well spent. You can’t just run out to Facebook and post, or start a Blog, or email a Lead List to book weddings back-to-back. You have to have a plan that you can put into action and repeat again and again and again…

Do you dream of having a super successful wedding business, possibly even making 6 figures and being financially free? That’s awesome if you do! But first, you MUST learn to get your name on the map and have brides calling (and emailing) you! 

I’m Natalie Bradley, and I started my wedding business at 23 in a small college town in Georgia. And I figured out (after a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and debt) how to create a successful six figure business by using traditional marketing and advertising strategies in creative, out-of-the-box ways (and this was all before there was such a thing as social media)! Plus, I got featured in over 45 wedding and lifestyle magazines -including local, regional and national- that brought in even more business and success. And I did it all by spending almost NOTHING. Literally, I got to the point where I was spending less than $200 per month in all advertising and marketing and was making as much as $50,000 some months. 

Why am I telling you this? Because there’s nothing special about me that enabled me to create such awesome success (and in a small town with the average wedding budget of less than $18k)… and because of that, I can teach you exactly what I did that you can do too in your own fabulous wedding business! 

So here’s the short and sweet of what I’m going to share with you…

In 2 sessions, you’ll learn: 

  • How to figure out your selling point so brides will want to buy what you have to offer
  • How to get the community buzzing about you (which translates into more leads)
  • What gets vendors and even family and friends sending you referrals
  • How to find brides in your community
  • Where to spend your advertising dollars (and where to SAVE them)
  • What on- and off- line marketing gets you the MOST bang for your budget as a new business owner
  • How to get organized so you can get it all done

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“Natalie really is the best marketing coach”

{a testimonial from our Facebook page} Just wanted to stop by and say “Thank you” to Natalie Bradley and her team. My wife attended Natalie’s seminar and came back so excited with her new information. She and I both have attended numerous marketing seminars, along with reading countless business books, so at the beginning, I was happy she was excited, but didn’t expect much. Then, I started listening to some of Natalie’s calls, reading over the notes, and then applying her strategies, and I just have to say that Natalie really is the best marketing coach. Thanks to her, we are selling the hell out of our Wedding Dance Prep packages, but not only that, our business overall has expanded. Private lessons, dance showcases and performances, and executing our own new developments have taken us to a whole new level! I’m a believer now, and I’m always looking forward to Natalie’s new material and seminars. Gracias, maestra, Natalie Bradley!! ~Antonio Bernal with Elegant Dance Company, LLC



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Well, there it is for you! Now there’s no reason to fail!! 


Before I found Natalie’s Bride Attraction system, I was simply stuck in my business. I was producing good work, but it didn’t matter because no one could find me, and those that did fell through the cracks. I was miserable because it seemed as though my dream was failing and I wasn’t going to be able to sustain my business any longer. I was following what everyone else was doing and couldn’t fathom why I wasn’t having any of the success they seemed to be enjoying.

Natalie has taught me that just because everyone else is doing something, that doesn’t mean its a great idea. I have learned that I had NO idea how to market or run my business profitably. Its been so great to learn from someone who has made the same mistakes I was making, and continued to build her business to huge success. Its so inspiring! 

Because of what I’ve learned, I’ve already tripled my bookings from this time last year. In fact, I booked $6,000 worth of business in just the past week thanks to Natalie’s close the sale techniques. I expect this to be my biggest and best year yet, all in a downturned economy. 

If you are thinking of getting any of Natalie’s fabulous products, please don’t hesitate. The investment you make in your business will come back to you on such a greater scale. You will be able to finally build the business you’ve always wanted and dreamed about-and the best thing is that its so EASY. Thank you so much Natalie!!

Alyssa Lang | Hybrid Photography


Love and Blessings,




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