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Self-Employed Wedding Professionals:
Are you attracting enough brides to your wedding business?

If you're like most wedding professionals I've been watching over the past four years, you're very good at what you do, but you just haven't mastered the marketing to brides "thing" yet. Yes, your business could use some polishing, but for the most part everything else runs pretty smoothly. It's just the part about bride attraction that's holding you back. You may be struggling about how to make enough money and book more weddings. Maybe you even feel confused about what steps to take and what marketing systems to setup. And, if you don't start bringing in new paying brides consistently, you may not be in business for yourself in a year. Yikes!

Now, before we continue, can we just agree that there's absolutely nothing wrong with you. Chances are, you've only been taught your wedding profession and never learned how marketing to brides and bride attraction really work. You see, as wedding business owners, we tend to think of approaching new brides as "trying to get something" from them as opposed to "offering something really valuable and fabulous to them". This almost always leads to mediocre or even poor results. No matter how hard we work, or what you try, it just doesn't work the way it should.

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Another dream of mine has come true today. Our first magazine Southern Soirées is now available! This first edition is inspired by the University of Georgia … featuring real UGA-inspired weddings and events, personalized proposals and engagement sessions and fabulous how to articles. Thank you to my amazing staff of interns, especially Ashleigh Sinclair and Megan Deese for making this possible! We’ve been working on this since January, so I’m delighted to finally unveil this project. I guess that’s what happens when you go for a big product release in the middle of wedding season! :-)

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